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Delicious “Bee Pollen in Honey” in Thailand!


I am a fan of Bee Pollen since I met Bee Pollen some years ago.

I already posted the benefits of Bee Pollen last year as below.


I bought it in Vietnam the other day.

Of course I can get those in Thai.

But as my impression,  the prices is cheaper in Vietnam.

This is the beepollen I bought in Vietnam.

About 120 THB per 250g.

In the other side, About 150 – 180THB per 160g in Thailand.

So the price is almost half of Thailand in Vietnam.

But in Thailand, I found the below product.

Bee Pollen in Honey

It’s honey with Bee Pollen.


100THB per 250g.


It’s the very exact thing which I expected.

Bee pollen became powder half dissolved in honey and not granular anymore. And float on the surface.

So it is better to shake or stir before eating.

But I found it is better for the taste and the feeling to eat than only bee pollen or only honey.

The taste becomes more deep and delicate to mix them together.

I like it!

 I feel the effect of Bee pollen and Honey!

I love bee pollen, but actually I didn’t eat for a half year since I finished the previous bin I bought in Vietnam.

And I am recently taking this “Bee pollen and Honey” every day.

After 1 week, I feel my skin condition becomes somewhat better.

In short, transparency of skin seems improved.

I didn’t change the other custom including any cosmetics.

So it is just a feeling, but not bad!

Where is the best place to buy Bee pollen regarding the price?

For me, Vietnam is the best place regarding the price.

The next is Thailand.

If you purchase it in Japan or some other place where honey is not specially cheap, I can recommend iHerb.


Y.S. Eco Bee Farms 450g about $12 now.

Now Foods  125g  capsule type about $10 now.

Now Foods, Bee Pollen Caps, 500 mg, 250 Capsules


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