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Another THANAKA Soap in Thailand!


Speaking of Thanaka soap in Thailand, Soap of “De Leaf Thanaka” bland was the only one option until quite recently.

Recently it became very popular and maybe because of the popularity of it, I found the another bland Thanaka soap.




De Leaf Thanaka” brand use more English than Thai in package and I can feel they are consciously  targeting the foreigner for this product.

Compare to it, this blue package is very plane.

But I am curious this product  because of it.

They don’t spend money for marketing, branding  and design.

I thought it means there is a possibility that they use their power for quality of the product inside more!


I used it.

As the result, it was quite good!

But”De Leaf Thanaka” brand is also very good.

So I can say the both Thanaka soap are very nice!

I can not say the difference so much.

not so diffrent.

Just size and price are little bit different!

The blue one is 120g and 58THB.

De Leaf Thanaka” is 100g and 45THB (now 40 thb on sale).


Anyway I can say Thanaka soap is very comfortable to use during bath time.

After bath time, also the  feeling of skin is good.

I can recommend them for one of nice souvenirs of Thailand!

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