美しくなりたいの・・。 ほうれい線、たるみ、シミ、肝斑、クマ、毛穴・・ついにきた老化問題に全力で迎え撃つつもりの人のブログ。バンコク在住です。→2019年現在はベトナム、ホーチミン在住です。

New!? Recommendable No Silicone Shampoo in Thailand!


I got to meet a very nice shampoo here!

I love it.


I think it is the new released product, because I had searched a non-silicone shampoo in Bangkok  before but I couldn’t find at all in those moment.

But this product  clearly has a description of “No Silicone”!!

Finally I met the No silicone shampoo which are called so by themselves in Thailand!

And I found it in Family Mart, a  famous convenience store chain we can find everywhere.


KHAOKHO TALAYPU LEECH LIME Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

KHAOKHO TALAYPU  is very famous natural herb brand in Thailand, and I used many products of this brand.

Speaking of shampoo, I really love the butterfly pee shampoo and conditioner of this brand.

And why I love this Leech Lime shampoo and conditioner so?

I will explain.

No Paraben, No Silikone, No Fragrance, NO  Artificial color, No SLS/SLES


Why no-silicone is superb?

If I say only one, it is good for maintaining the healthy refreshed head skin.

If we continued to use the silicone shampoo, we feel our pore of head is not clean. always a little bit oily or something courted.


Sense of touching hair is marvelous!

But I have long straight hair and actually it is more important for me to maintain  beautiful hair than healthy skin of head.

So if the hair seems bad and dirty.. or sense of touching hair is not smooth… I don’t use this shampoo.

Actually no silicone shampoo tend to have such a problem. but this is different.

I am really satisfied the feeling of my hair!  It became softer. and help to reduce my excess volume of my hair.


Love this scent!

Leech Lime.. same as Kaffir Lime is very traditional ingredient of Shampoo.

So there are many product to use Kaffir Lime Shampoo and I tried a lot.

But the scent of this product is the best. very nice.

They show “No Fragrance”.

So I believe it is not artificial scent.


comfortable washing experience

can have enough bubbles to wash your hair comfortably!



The benefit they show is Anti-Harifall.

If you care about the hair-loss, it must be good thing to try it.


Reasonable, Everywhere

You can get the line of this brand, in TOPS Market.

Shampoos, Soaps, etc…

And You can get this Leech Lime shampoo at FamilyMart  now maybe because it is new released.

Net contents :200g

Price: 70THB

The general silicone shampoo is about 40thb with similar amount.

I can say it is still reasonable as a natural herbal brand product!


 - KHAOKHO TALAYPU, Thai Cosmetic Brand, silicone free shampoo, herb, Bangkok Beauty, Hair Loss


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