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Teeth Office whitening is 5000 yen @ White lab Tokyo!


I think price range is not really different between Tokyo and Bangkok regard of Teeth office whitening.

The cheapest clinic do for 2500 yen.

But usual clinics  provide the decent one from 25,000 yen if you want the big effect once.

I got a session at Whitening Lab Tokyo @ Shibuya

At first, I thought to try the cheapest clinic.

But I decided to go 5000 yen clinic since I found that there are some bad reviews (the behavior of staffs are not reliable and rude or so on.. although I can not say these reviews are not fake review by competitors) .

And I said 5,000 yen. but actually it is only for first time!

From second time, it is 9,000 yen.

5000 yen course include 2 set of 10 mins whitening with LED light (the staff put whitening gel to your front teeth (maybe 8 teeth) and wipe out each time.

So it took 30 mins overall.

My teeth turned brigten !!

Changed from「little bit dirty( yellow)」to「not really dirty. but not really white. range of normal teeth 」!!

I relieved to get out from the situation that I can give the impression as” a lady with yellow teeth” to the people.

According to the staff, it will take 3 times to reach maximum white if you take standard course. (there are also the other some more expensive & more effective courses.)

In addition, I encouraged to do house whitening more often ( I have goods but too troublesome to do it.)


Is Office whitening painful? hyperesthesia !?

Actually  I felt pain once when the staff wiped out the gel from my teeth after the first 10 mins session.

But it was OK during the second session and afterword also.


If I would add one more thing, had pain at my nostrils because of some stimulative substance.


No restriction afterward!

We can eat any dark color foods  after 5 – 10 mins from the session.


ホワイトラボ東京(WHITE LAB TOKYO Shibuya salon)

 - Oral health, Tokyo Beauty Information, 歯のホワイトニング


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