美しくなりたいの・・。 ほうれい線、たるみ、シミ、肝斑、クマ、毛穴・・ついにきた老化問題に全力で迎え撃つつもりの人のブログ。バンコク在住です。→2019年現在はベトナム、ホーチミン在住です。

Camphor is effective for Mite also! I found camphor in Thailand.


I found it at Food LAND, super market which is also targeting Expat at Bangkok.

I like Food Land because I can find the many goods and foods I want reasonably.

This time also I could find some products preventing moth-eaten I had never seen before in Bangkok.

Before I only found old style naphthalene.

It was super stinky when I opened the package at home. and gave up to use it.

I bought Camphor tablets this time without understanding what is Camphor.

What is Camphor?

I used dictionary and understood it is Shono in Japan.

Shono was very famous existence until 30 years ago in Japan.

But I didn’t know what it is made from.

Actually it is from trees.

And it is not so stinky.

It is like Eucalyptus oil.

Cool, refreshing scent.

A little bit smells like medicine.

But not so strong , not so stinky.

In Japan, there are many odorless moth-repellents today and Camphor is already completely obsolete.

But naturalists have discovered the attract of  natural traditional Camphor.


Camphor is effective for not only moth but also mite and cockroach!

Camphor is famous for the effect to repel moths from your garments in your closet.

But actually they repel the other insects like mite and cockroach!

Of course it is more effective to put the closing area like closet and chest.

If you put it on floor in your room, it may melt to air easily and  disappear soon.

But anyway it is not so stinky, not very bad for people.. but very effective for various insects.

I think it is enough fantastic☺️

I found and bought it at Food land!

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