美しくなりたいの・・。 ほうれい線、たるみ、シミ、肝斑、クマ、毛穴・・ついにきた老化問題に全力で迎え撃つつもりの人のブログ。バンコク在住です。→2019年現在はベトナム、ホーチミン在住です。

“Amazake” boom ! Power of Japanese traditional super food..


マルコメ プラス糀 米糀から作った糀甘酒LL 1000ml×6本


I returned to Japan half years ago.

And I sensed the change immediately after coming back.

Why there are so amazake products at super market?

Amazake boom in Japan now??


And finally  I watched the TV program introduced how Amazake is effective to help to generate collagen!

Actually Sake is the best. but Amazake is also effective and it is non alcohol.



Oh maybe that’s why?

But I am not sure when and why did Amazake boom start?

So I researched and found it has started after summer 2011.

At summer 2011, we need to survive with less electricity after shock of traumatic earthquake to hit us.

So Amazake was recommend by dietitians to prevent heatstroke or summer heat fatigue under the situation without air conditioners.

And Amazake market already became so big at 2015!!

Oh… it may be too late to introduce it now.

But it is the last autumn (2017) to declare that Sake (and Amazake) has effect to increase collagen rate at skin by university’s official research.

Then, the boom is still on.

famous Miso brand “marucome” is nowaday eager to sell Amazake lineup.

See, there is a special pages to introduce there Amazake.

Marucome’s Amazake is made from malted rice 100%.

Alcohol free! sugar free!

It is naturally sweet because of diastatic action of rice starch.

Please taste Amazake called as super food.


And I found the web article to introduce cafes which provide delicious Amazake at Tokyo!



The other articles about Amazake boom.



森永製菓の「甘酒」が女性にバカ売れするワケ― ブーム到来で百花繚乱、市場は100億円超え


In addition,  I think a boom is because everyone understand fermented foods are very important to help to keep the good intestinal environment nowaday.

You can use Amazake as a substitute of a meal for diet because of their almost perfect nutrition balance.

But if you have diabetes, need to be careful to drink Amazake rapidly when you are hungry.


Anyway I ordered it and tried it.

my first impression is “surprisingly sweet” !!

Actually too sweet for me though still delicious.

So it is better to mix with soy milk or milk  or yogurt  or so on.

The expected effects are anti-oxidant , improvement of blood circulation, preventing pimple etc.


I already bought 1 Litter * 6 packs!

So definitely  will continue to drink Amazake for a next few months!

I will report if I realized some effects from Amazake!

 - antiaging, dark circles under eyes, Asian Super Foods, diet, Skin brightening, poor physical condition, constipation, antioxidants, Tokyo Beauty Information, adult disease, fatigue, 色素沈着, poor circulation, Healthy Dietary Habits


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